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RE: Concrete Pipe

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This is within the range of concrete pipe diameters available from
precasters, but design is normally for buried installation, and the walls
are usually just designed for circumferential stresses due to external
loads. See ASTM C76, C497, C1417 for design and specification guidance. Also
try the American Concrete Pipe Association at (972) 506-7216. They have
design guides and I'm sure they can help you locate the closest supplier.
This is very heavy stuff. Just curious, but why was this pipe selected
instead of something lighter, like steel with stiffener rings.

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Are you designing the pipe or just a means for construction of the pipe?

ed arrington

>>> nevsam11(--nospam--at) 12/27/00 08:29PM >>>

I have an unusual project involving design of a reinforced concrete pipe 
(12' diameter x 60' long x approx 12" thick), design of steel formwork, 
design of some kind of continuous saddle to support the pipe horizontally, 
finally checking the existing floor of the facility in which it will be cast

and assembled.

The pipe will be cast in 4' long sections with stepped edges so that they 
will slip on each other end to end and fitted with gaskets.  Not sure how 
they will be fastened to each other.  A bridge crane located in the facility

will be used for handling.

We are keeping the option open to have a precast mfr like "Simmons" to 
design the forms (probably the hardest part) and furnish the materials.

I would appreciate sharing your ideas, experience in any of the above items,

especially formwork.  If there are some precast mfrs out there reading this 
message, please let me your opinion as well.

Thanks in advance.


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