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Re: Elliptical Culvert Bridge

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I believe what you are talking about is a poured in place concrete arch
(most any shape you want). If you are an engineer you can find such
shown in older texts such as "Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures"
by Hool and Kinne (1944).

There is a reason that this type of bridge is no longer used and that is
that it is labor intensive. What is usually done is to place two or three
corrugated arch members each of about 25 span and perhaps 15 ft. rise and
fill in the areas between, using carefully compacted and selected fill to
avoid washout. 

There are other possibilities also. A big question is can you have one or
two supports in the middle or must you clear span it. A span as large as
the 70 ft. you mention probably requires approval of the county engineer,
who may have several conditions of approval.

Stan Scholl, P.E., FASCE
Laguna Beach, CA