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Re: Elliptical Culvert Bridge

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Con-span is one name that comes to mind.  I don't have their website
address, but you should be able to find them with a web search.  I am sure
that there are other companies making similar products.

The structural aspects of your crossing is only one issue.  I am sure that
some government agency, perhaps the local water management agency, has
jurisdiction over the waterway and you will need their approval.  You may
need to provide some hydraulic studies showing that your crossing will not
have any adverse effects upstream and downstream (often referred to as a
"no-rise" certification).  Also, if wetlands are affected, you may need a
permit from the Army Corp of Engineers.

I can't tell from your message whether or not you are an engineer.  If not,
I strongly recommend that you consult with one while you are still in the
planning stage.  As is typical with almost all projects, this one is not as
simple as one would first think.

David Finley, P.E.

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Date: Friday, December 29, 2000 11:02 PM
Subject: Elliptical Culvert Bridge

>I'm looking for some information on an "Elliptical Culvert Bridge". We need
>to span a creek (about 65-70 feet bank-to-bank) for access to our property.
>I've been told it's possible to place an inverted "half pipe" of sorts over
>the creek and fill in the ends and the surface, taking care to build wings
>to prevent erosion from the creek. I would be most grateful if you could
>provide some information about this type of bridge construction or point me
>in the right direction.