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In ASTM A307, there are three grades of bolts--A,B, and C. Bolts have to
meet strength range limits for Grades A and B based on a table which gives
pounds of force for diameters up to 4 inches. There are Fu requirements
listed for all grades as follows: Grade A 60 Ksi min, Grade B 60-100 Ksi,
Grade C 58-80 Ksi. Only Grade C has a yield stress specified at Fy=36 Ksi.
Grades A and B are used for headed bolts and studs, Grade C for unheaded
bolts. Grade A is standard hex head, Grade B is heavy hex.

Regarding your second question, I have no ready answer. I presume the code
considers the minimum embedment length in table 19-D sufficient so that a
calculation for shear loading is not required. For tension loads, the
embedment is considered in the calculation for Ap.

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Two simple questions:

  1) Why is there no Fy given in the AISC for A307 bolts?  Does it 
      vary that much?  If so, what is the general range of values?
  2) Why is there no minimum embedment specified when checking
      shear in anchor bolts per 1923.3.3 ? (1997 UBC)

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