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Wide Flange Beam Analysis Spreadsheet Freeware

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John Daley, PE from Chicago Illinois posted a really nice Steel Beam
analysis spreadsheet for wide-flange sections. The spreadsheet uses VBA
programming and contains some excellent graphics including shear and moment
diagrams as well as an AISC code check of the sections.
I have posted this to the Software Productivity section of the
Structuralist.Net discussion forum which can be accessed at:

(please make sure that the entire URL is located on one line with no spaces
between http: and BID=67)

Thanks John for your contribution - I only wish you could e-mail Italian
Beef from Al's BBQ on Taylor Street (if it is still there!)

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for: <>
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"Finally, if you use the tables to create productivity tools, I urge you to
make those tools available to others on our discussion forum."

Attached is a steel beam analysis spreadsheet tool I have created using wide
flange shapes and calculating moments for simple beams.

I assume no responsibility or liability for any errors should they exist.

Use it at your own discretion. I have taken pains to insure the accuracy of
the spreadsheet, but there may be mistakes that I have not verified. The
spreadsheet should only be used by those who understand the information and
have developed an intuition for the values so as to identify errors if they
should occur. <<W_BEAM.XLS>>

John T. Daley, P.E.
Structural Engineer
401 E Illinois
Chicago IL 60611
312-373-7710 (fax)