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RE: Can states repeal building codes?

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I realize that it is done and this article is an example of this. However,
when the heat of the arguments related to the new code were at their height
it was strongly suggested that the code be repealed and returned to the
former code until which time the ambiguities that existed be properly
addressed. The response was that it was unlikely to happen as the process is
difficult, complicated and required the support of those ICBO voting members
who approved the code and may not want it repealed.
The code was, for the most part, written by the structural engineering
community. It should not require the approval of those who do not understand
the complexities of the errors written into the code to either correct the
mistake or to repeal the code.
You may consider this a reminder that after almost two years very little has
been done to correct the code or address the important issues that are, in
some many high growth areas of the country, diminishing the quality of
construction rather than doing as the code intended - to improve
construction quality.


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Subject: Can states repeal building codes?

Of course states (and other jurisdictions) can repeal building codes.
It's done all the time.  If a state or other jurisdiction can adopt a
building code, it has to repeal the previous building code first, or else
there will be multiple building codes in effect at the same time.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dennis Wish wrote:

>>Some time ago we had a discussion which suggested the engineering
support a measure that would require state officials to repeal the building
code and return it to the previous 94 UBC provision until which time the
problems in the current code could be resolved. The opinions expressed
indicated that it was not possible to repeal a building code, however, I
recently came upon the following Detroit News article from November 29, 1995
that discusses the debate from lawmakers to repeal a recently enacted
building code that was aimed at "slashing homeowner's energy bills". The
article can be referenced at for
those interested.

While I was unable to find references to the outcome, it appears that
repealing of a state code is not an impossible act. I thought this article
would be of interest to some of you and have passed it on for information