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Re: Finite Element Modeling

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If you use ANSYS, you can consider the concrete specimen as an orthotropic
material with the element type: Solid 92, 10 node-Tetrahedral and calculate the
modulas of elasticity (Ex, Ey, Ez) by using the following equation:

E=v*Esteel + (1-v)*Econcrete

Hope this will help.


"Edward Arrington" <Earringt(--nospam--at)ENG.CI.LA.CA.US> on 01/03/2001 08:50:52 AM

Please respond to seaint(--nospam--at)

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There is a program that does what you are asking for - i think.  Its called
FEM-II.  I believe you can get it through SEAOSC.  Its a 2D, DOS based program.
It was initially prepared by Ewing, El-Mustapha, and Kariotis.  Ewing has since
revised the input/output format.

edward arrington

>>> m.stuart(--nospam--at) 01/03/01 04:52AM >>>
Has anyone ever integrated internal reinforcing into a FE model for
concrete.  I don't believe I have ever seen this done before.

Any input from the experts would be appreciated.

Matthew Stuart, PE, SE, PEng