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RE: Wind and Seismic for Redding CA

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Water tanks are typically designed to AWWA D100 (Welded Steel) or AWWA D110
(Prestressed Concrete).  UBC is used as a guide to establish wind and
seismic environment.  Note that R factors for tanks in AWWA are typically
lower than found in UBC.

Bill Cain S.E.
Oakland CA

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	75 MPH, Exposure "C", Zone 3, 30 PSF snow load
	are typically used in Redding. (1997 UBC)

	Mark Pemberton, P.E.

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	Subject: Wind and Seismic for Redding CA

	I have a client who needs to specify a tank that will
	be installed near Redding CA.  He has asked me what to
	tell the manufacturer about wind and seismic loads. 
	Being from the east coast, I would just like to check
	with some of you CA Engineers to be sure that what I
	am going to tell him is OK.  I guess my first question
	is whether I can use 1997 UBC.  If I can, I think I
	can tell him Seismic Zone 3 with a Minimum Basic Wind
	Speed of 80 mph. Any comments are appreciated.


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