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RE: Wind and Seismic for Redding CA

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Is this a ground level water or fuel storage tank with a flat bottom, a
pressure tank, horizontally mounted on cradles? Different criteria might
apply depending on the tank and the product stored. How big is it? What's it
made out of? Plastic tanks can be hard to anchor for lateral loads if the
bases aren't designed for overturning forces (stiffened bottoms).

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Subject: Wind and Seismic for Redding CA

I have a client who needs to specify a tank that will
be installed near Redding CA.  He has asked me what to
tell the manufacturer about wind and seismic loads. 
Being from the east coast, I would just like to check
with some of you CA Engineers to be sure that what I
am going to tell him is OK.  I guess my first question
is whether I can use 1997 UBC.  If I can, I think I
can tell him Seismic Zone 3 with a Minimum Basic Wind
Speed of 80 mph. Any comments are appreciated.


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