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RE: Wind and Seismic for Redding CA

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You have already received replies regarding "building code" minimums, but
you should also determine the client's expected performance and the level of
risk to the public.  The performance due to wind and seismic loads are
within the linear range.  But the expected performance for seismic is in the
nonlinear range, and may not be acceptable for your client.  The design
seismic event could very well render your tank not serviceable, and could
result in loss of contained product.  The "building codes" focus is on life
safety and collapse prevention as opposed to performance for tanks.  If the
tank is containing hazardous materials or is "essential", the UBC is

You should also read and note the distinct differences between APA tanks,
AWWA tanks, concrete tanks, wire wrapped concrete tanks, steel welded tanks,
steel bolted tanks, anchored tanks, unanchored tanks, etc.  You will also
have to specify an appropriate freeboard (if the roof is a diaphragm).

The Chapter 14 appendix of the 1997 NEHRP is a good starting point.

I would suggest that you talk about this to someone who really knows tanks
(as opposed to me).  I would suggest you contact:
	Stephen W. Meier
	Tank Industry Consultants, Inc.
	7740 West New York St.
	Indianapolis, IN 46214
	voice: (630) 226-0745
	fax: (630) 226-0802

	e-mail: meier(--nospam--at)
	684 West Boughton Road, Suite 101
	Bolingbrook, IL 60440
	voice: (317) 271-3100
	fax: (317) 271-3300 

Steve writes tank specifications for a living.  He is who I would hire.  You
can also talk to Steve about the freeboard issue, and the warts in the NEHRP
Chapter 14 appendix.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	Wind and Seismic for Redding CA
> I have a client who needs to specify a tank that will
> be installed near Redding CA.  He has asked me what to
> tell the manufacturer about wind and seismic loads. 
> Being from the east coast, I would just like to check
> with some of you CA Engineers to be sure that what I
> am going to tell him is OK.  I guess my first question
> is whether I can use 1997 UBC.  If I can, I think I
> can tell him Seismic Zone 3 with a Minimum Basic Wind
> Speed of 80 mph. Any comments are appreciated.
> Ken
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