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Productivity Software Library - online

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Online Software Library

First, to the point of this post. We are now developing a software
productivity library on the Structuralist.Net. You are invited to submit
freeware programs created in any format. We are set up specifically for
Spreadsheet, MathCad, VBA and even Programmable TI or HP calculators (my
latest interest). Please send your submittal to me at
admin(--nospam--at) Include a short paragraph, describe the features of
the software that I can post to the forum - including your personal
information for appropriate credit. Please make sure that your files are in
Zip format.

Structuralist.Net Weekly Newsletter

I may be overstepping my welcome by posting messages to the SEAINT
Listservice announcing services and forum posts on the Structuralist.Net.
Information is being added to our web services and discussion forums on a
daily basis. In order to keep up, we will be sending out a weekly Newsletter
to those interested in receiving it. If you are interested in receiving
notification of the features, Editorials, uploads and services that are
highlighted each week, send an e-mail to News(--nospam--at) with your
name and e-mail address and we will add you to the distribution list. We are
appreciative of SEAINT for allowing posts from the Structuralist.Net with
not so much as one note of disapproval.

Storage Space Needed

The Structuralist.Net is running out of storage space on our Web Host
(Verizon) server. We would appreciate any offers of storage space that you
might allow. We need between 20 and 40 megs of space to store downloads that
will be linked to the Structuralist site. At this time, the discussion forum
software does not allow downloads from a separate server so the files must
be accessible through an HTML or Hyperlink on the forum post. The
Structuralist.Net is not yet ready to post paid advertising as the Hit rate
only about 120 people per day. Once this grows, we will seek banner ads to
help defer the cost of the web hosting service. Until then, if anyone can
donate some server storage, please send me a not at admin(--nospam--at)
and we can arrange upload privileges.

Authors needed!
One of the things that amaze me the most is that the Structuralist.Net is a
discussion forum with almost no participation in discussion. However, the
information posted to the board by engineers who have submitted opinions and
editorials have a high rate of hits from readers interested in what they
have to say. The same holds true of our Software productivity tools. The
Wide Flange Spreadsheet posted today had more than 60 reads in less than six
hours. These include downloads.
If you have something to say, we have the forum for your opinions. Email
your submittal to me or post it directly to the discussion forum and I'll
highlight it in our weekly newsletter.
If you have information to report - News from CUREe, NAHB-RC, or progress
from other professional association we will be happy to publish it. Simply
send it to me at admin(--nospam--at) and I'll be sure to see it gets

Sorry about the inconvenience.

My apologies to those of you who logged on to the Structuralist.Net
discussion forum today and were rejected or had problems registering. We are
upgrading our software and updating the website. In the process, I
inadvertently disconnected the registration feature. Also, I admit to being
a poor programmer. One of the nice feature of the discussion forum is a
point and click text format feature that is a separate "Hack" written by a
PERL Programmer in Norway who uses the handle "doG". Although he is
talented, his Hack was written for a previous version of the discussion
software. Another use of the software modified the hack to work with the
version one step down from mine AND I, in my infinite wisdom of PERL
programming, attempted to modify the support files to run the routine. Not
only did my board crash, but about 40 other boards who downloaded my
modification crashed as well.
So much for my days as a programmer - we are back online and I provide my
apologies for the inconvenience.

Please visit the Discussion Webpage by following the link on the
Structuralist.Net Professional page located at:
At the left, click the button that indicates Discussion. Here you will find
some of the latest discussions and Software Productivity Tools available for

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
AEC-Residential Listservice