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RE: Soil-Structure Interaction

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The difference here appears to come down to how competent you are assuming the soil is.  If the soil is extremely poor, such as building on a muddy or boggy site, and that is what drove the use of piles, a structural slab could be required.  If the soil is reasonable, but a compressible layer exists that will cause undue settlement at any large point loads (such as column loads) and that is what drove the use of piles, then you can often use pile support only for those locations and use details similar to those you would use for a spread footing where the slab on grade is concerned.  I have worked on both sorts of projects in the recent past.  Again, ask a geotech who is familiar with the area and you will get your answer.  Make sure to be clear with them what kind of loading and use your are expecting, as that can make a big difference in the kind of answer you will get. 
Paul Crocker