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RE: Copyright Infringement

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Title: RE: Copyright Infringement
For starters,  this is NOT "the problem in this world right now".  I can think of many things I would put far in front of this on my list of problems in this world right now list.
In Dennis' original posting of the values he had AISC's logo on these charts and surprisingly the numbers matched identically with AISC's.  A reasonable person would make the conclusion that he copied this data.  AISC has every right to ask THEIR calculated values to be removed.  To calculate these values from standard shapes that also have tolerances and to match AISC's values to me seems a remarkable coincidence,  and then post here as if he calculated these himself.
If I do something with the intent to make money;  I have a problem with it when someone else just copies it for the intent to make money themselves.  Dennis IS making money off of this.  Dennis has stated in previous postings that he intends to make money off of this site.  To be honest I'm surprised SEAInt allows him to continue to advertise his site. 
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Subject: RE: Copyright Infringement

This is ridiculous!!!  This is the problem in this world right now.  Everybody is claiming proprietary rights to everything.  The next thing we know is that the air we breath has already been patented or copyrighted and we have to pay every time we use it. 

Engr. Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.

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Subject: Copyright Infringement

I recently posted the standard steel shapes database to the
Structuralist.Net discussion forum. One of our members, who works for AISC,
wrote me privately to ask that I remove the database from the forum as he
believes it is an infringement of AISC's copyright.
I do not agree although I have removed AISC's name from the database so that
there is no implication that the physical properties of conventional steel
sections was obtained or "copied" from the AISC manuals. This, to the best
of my knowledge, was not the case as these are the physical properties of
non-proprietary shapes which can be calculated by conventional mathematical
methods and these numbers, in themselves, can not be protected by copyright.
What I have agreed to do is to change the name of the files to Standard or
Conventional Structural Steel Properties and remove any reference to the
American Institute of Steel Construction.
In my opinion, this is a counter productive concern of the AISC as the
purpose is to promote the use of structural steel standards. The use of the
numeric values for mathematical properties of common shapes is not an
infringement of any copyright nor will it harm the sales of the associations

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