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Re: Removal of the AISC Database

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I am surprised that you caved to Mr. Todd.  What is
really at issue here is that AISC wants people to buy
their CD Rom.  As an organization that is supposed to
promote the use of steel construction, they should give
this information to anyone who wants it.  

The fact that they would object to someone making this
database available for free on the internet is just
down right disgusting.  They have the right to try and
sell their CD-ROM, but when they try and stop the free
use of this data based on their "copyright" claim, they
do a disservice to the steel community they represent.  

Maybe I will post the database on our web server so all
can have access to it.


Structuralist wrote:
> I received a call from Mr. Richard Todd of AISC this afternoon who was
> responding to my post on the List regarding the shapes library that I posted
> on the Structuralist.Net. Mr. Todd was very congenial on the issues and
> explained to me that the physical properties of the standard steel sections
> are provided to AISC directly from the Mills and are not made available to
> the Public. AISC uses the information from the Mills to calculate the
> section properties and publishes the information in the Steel Manual as well
> as on a separate CD-Rom which is available for purchase for a reasonable
> price of $60.00. You can obtain the CD-Rom from their website at:
> 7
> (make sure that the entire URL address is on one line with no spaces or line
> breaks. The address begins with http: and ends with &id=287)
> Inasmuch as the properties can not be calculated without the information
> provided by the mills, I am inclined to agree that the information is
> proprietary and have agreed to remove the database from the download site.
> The price of &60.00 for the complete database is not, in my opinion,
> unreasonable (although free is always better).
> My apologies to the AISC for posting the files and unknowingly violating
> what becomes proprietary information. The files were found on the Internet
> and appeared to represent the time consuming work of individuals who either
> calculated the properties or recreated the database for their own use and
> who later improperly made it available to the public.
> Respectfully,
> Dennis S. Wish, PE
> The Structuralist Administrator for:
> AEC-Residential Listservice
> admin(--nospam--at)
> PS - Anyone know if the AITC has proprietary rights on the section
> properties of wood members:) - just a little levity thrown in!