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Re: Copyright Infringement

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I agree. We need someone who is an expert on copyright law, though.

I am inclined to think that AISC does not have a case here (though I respect
Dennis' action in removing the database to be on the safe side).

With ALL DUE RESPECT to our friends at AISC, the law is the law. IF they do have
a copyright on this information, which appears to be very much in doubt, then we
should respect it.

But if not, they need to understand this and get off their high horse.

Oh, and BTW:

Every structural steel design program I've ever used incorporates steel section
properties within the program. I use one in particular, when I tell it what size
I want, *bam*, up pops the correct properties right out of the manual.

I pay a lot of money for this program.

Did they get permission from AISC to incorporate that data? Did they pay a
royalty of some sort?

This is a very sticky topic. I want some answers.

Roger Turk wrote:
> Dennis,
> After reading your post, I went to the Library of Congress web site
> ( and found the following on "What is
> not Copyrightable:"