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RE: Copyright Infringement

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I got my first ACI 318 manual free--also long, long ago, when it was a whole
lot thinner. The point I was making was that once upon a time the
manufacturers and trade associations subsidized the distribution of some of
these design materials (at least to college students back in the 60's)as a
form of advertising and public service. The philosophy has changed. Some
material suppliers now charge you for catalogs they used to give away. PCA
used to give away design guides they charge you for now, mostly because the
cement industry doesn't subsidize them the way they used to. 

I know you don't get something for nothing. My comments were more by way of
an observation on how material manufacturers have changed where they spend
their marketing dollars. 

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"You'd think that the steel industry would subsidize this information a
little more if they want us to "think steel"
for our next design. Stuff like this is one of the reasons I love concrete."

Are you getting your ACI 318 manual for free?  I want in on that deal if you
are, I've always had to buy it or attend their seminar to get it.  :)  The
only notable freebie that I have received is a subscription to Modern Steel
Construction, courtesy of AISC.  Not a bad way of self-promotion for them,
and very informative.  I guess that I did get a PCI manual for free a few
years back, too, which has been handy for precast.  Other than those it has
just been assorted pamplets and manufacturer's literature.  

Paul Crocker