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Re: Copyright Infringement

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Structuralist wrote:
> In this sense, I understand AISC's position
> as the information to calculate the exact properties of the materials are no
> longer based on basic mathematics for solids, but are calculated using
> partially proprietary information.

However, they are "protecting" information that is published for use in just
such a manner as you intended your "free" product to be used.

I repeat: IF they have a copyright, they have a copyright and it must be
respected. But IF they do not, they do not, and they're (please pardon the term)
"blowin' smoke".

I sincerely hope that if they DON'T have a copyright, they aren't bluffing, and
sincerely think they are within their rights. It's so hard not to be cynical
with regard to the motives of others these days.