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Re: Copyright Infringement

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Structuralist wrote:
> As a professional community, we endeavor to protect our intellectual
> property rights. Until the issue is resolved to the Listservices
> satisfaction, then it is probably safest to assume their rights are
> protected and to support them in maintaining their right. In the end this
> serves each of us by making the point as clear as possible - when in doubt
> assume the information is protected. Although this is a good discussion, had
> I made the assumption in the beginning, we may not be considering the issue.

I agree with all the above. My only point is that one person's definition of
"intellectual property" may not square with what the law actually says.

This is NOT an insignificant issue. Congress and the states are struggling with
these definitions even now, as "intellectual property" now rivals manufactured
goods in terms of intrinsic value.