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RE: Removal of the AISC Database

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>I would agree that IF the database that you had available on your page was
>a "direct" electronic copy of the electronic version of AISC's "computer
>program", then it would at a minimum be what I would consider a "moral"
>violation if not an actual copyright violation.

I can't wait any longer for someone to ask whether AISC's copyright 
extends to use of the tabular data in engineering calculations. Suppose I 
make a weight estimate of a structure using the unit weight tabulation 
for steel members. An actual copyright requires that I get permission of 
the AISC to use their tabulated unit weights. Seems also that when I 
prepare a report listing the section properties for steel members 
involved, I should be getting the AISC's permission to list the 

In fact my copy of the Handbook contains the words, 'This book or any 
part thereof must not be reproduced in any form without written 
permission of the publisher.' Must I construe this as requiring written 
such permission to run a seismic analysis if I use the AISC section 
properties as program input? And I wanted to be really pharisaic about 
it, do I need their permission to use the elastic modulus of steel as 29 
million psi, since that's part of the book, too? OTOH it does appear that 
the AISC has improperly appropriated the beam diagrams and formulas from 
earlier works, so maybe I can use those without permission. And the AISC 
tabulation of section properties for steel angles exactly matches those 
calculated from first principles, so they aren't original works either. 
Same for pipe. Sauce for the goose, eh, Charlie? ;->

I think there's a distinction between the section property values, which 
exist independently of the AISC and aren't original, and the form of the 
presentation of the data, which is original and due strictly to AISC's 
own efforts. I don't think the AISC has any claim on the former, but 
certainly a claim on the latter. Otherwise publication of reference 
material like steam tables or material properties wouldn't be possible.

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