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Re: Copyright Infringement

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Date: Friday, January 05, 2001 10:16 PM
Subject: Re: Copyright Infringement

>I agree. We need someone who is an expert on copyright law, though.
>I am inclined to think that AISC does not have a case here (though I respect
>Dennis' action in removing the database to be on the safe side).
>With ALL DUE RESPECT to our friends at AISC, the law is the law. IF they do have
>a copyright on this information, which appears to be very much in doubt, then we
>should respect it.
>But if not, they need to understand this and get off their high horse.
>Oh, and BTW:
>Every structural steel design program I've ever used incorporates steel section
>properties within the program. I use one in particular, when I tell it what size
>I want, *bam*, up pops the correct properties right out of the manual.
>I pay a lot of money for this program.
>Did they get permission from AISC to incorporate that data? Did they pay a
>royalty of some sort?
>This is a very sticky topic. I want some answers.
>Roger Turk wrote:
>> Dennis,
>> After reading your post, I went to the Library of Congress web site
>> ( and found the following on "What is
>> not Copyrightable:"