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RE: Copyright ... Response to Todd Speck

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First off, let me set you straight on a few points since you appear to be
new to the SEAINT List:

1.) I have not, am not and until I do decide to charge for advertising, will
not make a cent from the Structuralist.Net. The entire cost of the
Structuralist.Net web services including Web-hosting monthly fees, my
personal investment in the thousands of hours to create, write and maintain
the services, the cost of the software and templates used to design the site
(four times) and the cost of the discussion forum software, is paid ENTIRELY
by me. There is no income generated by any of these services.

2.) Those who know me would never question my motives as profit oriented.
For over seven years I wrote SEAINT Online - virtually 95% of the 16-page
professional journal, monthly (and semi-annual when my work load was heavy)
without compensation. I did get paid for the last two issues as I was asked
to return after resigning and offered compensation for the business I turned
away so as to make the schedules requested by SEAOSC (who sponsored the
SEAINT Online Journal). The compensation was certainly much less profitable
than the worst engineering job.

3.) I have been active as a Volunteer in SEAOSC for about fourteen of the
almost 20-years I've been a member. During this time I have never profited
from the work I have done and neither has, to my knowledge, any of the other
fine volunteers (much less than 1% of the number of dues paying members)
within the SEA organization. This included my participation on panel
discussions, LFRD seminar, the 1993 AEC-Convention Seminar, Online journal
for six or seven years, the Hazardous Building Committee, Structural Methods
Sub-Committee, Computer Applications Committee not to mention being the
co-founder of the SEAINT List and Web services and reviewer for Seismic
Design Manual Volume II (steel stud problem).

4.) When the code changed and tools were needed to design wood structures
based on the 97 UBC, you might remember that Dave Merrick,SE and I, through
a volunteer collaboration that was open to others who cared to participate,
created the only freeware spreadsheet that would design full-compliance
lateral analysis for a multi-story wood framed structures. While
undocumented and possibly not very user-friendly, the program serves a
purpose to help simplify the design process and was developed with each of
us investing many hundreds of hours of work which was happily donated to the
professional community. The value of the program can be criticized by some,
but not our intentions for creating something to help our professional

5.) When I suggested that I might have to start advertising, it was not
intended to generate profit - but to help defer the cost of the software,
Web-hosting and escalating cost of online-storage needed to store downloads.
As you recall, my concern was that I was running out of space and may have
to advertise in order to recover the additional monthly fee I would have to
pay Verizon. Since posting this (actually some months ago which I forgot)
Jan Harris, PE of Liberty Engineering, P.C. in Virginia Beach, VA donated
10-megs of server storage (sorry Jan if this is embarrassing) which I
greatly appreciate. In this case it is a collaboration of members of this
list and the other services I helped to create who wish to participate to
further the services available to the structural engineering profession -
none of whom are doing it for profit.

6.) I earn my living in private practice - operating a small structural
engineering practice out of my home/office. I could generate a much larger
income if I would only spend less of my long day devoted to these lists and
services, but this is where the enjoyment of being an engineer occurs -
except, perhaps, having to defend oneself. The truth is that I don't have a
great ambition to be wealthy and since at 50-years old I have paid my dues
in the profession, I would like nothing more than to enjoy my wife,
3-children and 4-grand-children, 5-dogs and our home. We are comfortable,
don't worry about where the next job is coming from and, other than the
typical stress associated with aging parents and worries about our
children's troubles, we have a good life.

7.) The main reason that SEAINT allows my posts is because I do not solicit
business. I try to generate popular discussion topics and have worked hard
to build the SEAINT Listservice over the last seven or so years. I offer
equal support for the SEAINT services and recommend to those posting
messages on the Structuralist forum when their questions might best be
answered on the SEAINT List. Take a look at the Structuralist.Net website
some time - especially the page titled Discussion. You will find a synopsis
and hyperlink to twenty or thirty other discussion Listservices, Bulletin
Boards and Usenet groups dedicated to Structural Engineering and other AEC
There is no competition between boards. I have gone so far as to contact the
administrators of many of the forums to suggest a link between boards where
specific discussions can be tracked. While the SEAINT board is a technical
and general structural engineering board, the Structuralist.Net is devoted
mostly to wood frame construction and residential. The Structuralist invites
a mix of Architects, Engineers and Builders to meet so as to work on ways to
improve the quality of residential construction by education and

Before you spout opinions intending to impugn the efforts of those you know
next to nothing about, I suggest you do some homework. While I generally
don't boast my own accomplishments - I found your comments insulting,
considering my personal investment in time and expense to create services
that I hoped would benefit the professional community.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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"...Dennis IS making money off of this.  Dennis has stated in previous
postings that he intends to make money off of this site.  To be honest I'm
surprised SEAInt allows him to continue to advertise his site."