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Re: Copyright Infringement

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Brings up a good point.

What if you "reverse engineered" the number? That is, calculated them in your
own way, and published them to say four decimal places (I know, mathematically
bogus, but we're talking the LAW here), so that if rounded they would be the
same numbers?

This gets murky. If it can't be demonstrated without a shadow of doubt where the
number came from originally, then where's the foul?

TO MY FRIENDS AT AISC: I am not proposing ANYONE try to "get around" your
presumed copyright. I'm just posing a philosophical argument to demonstrate how
slippery this concept is.

Scott Maxwell wrote:
> Charlie,
> I do agree with you.  Since the information came from a direct electronic
> copy from the database that AISC sells, I would at a minimum personally
> believe that it would be a "moral" infringement of AISC's rights if not an
> actual copyright violation.