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FW: Building and Structure Collapses - Principles of Investigation and Reporting

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I received this post which I believed was mass mailed. I did not know if it
was posted on our Lists and took this opportunity to do so.

On a side questions - I'd like to know if interested parties would visit a
forum where seminars and announcements are posted by City , date and
subject. I am considering add this public service to the Structuralist.Net
but do not want to invest the time if people will not bookmark the page and
check it often for local lecture, seminar or other gathering.

Please let me know by sending your comments to ps(--nospam--at) I will
filter these messages and report the replies. Please do not replies to any
other address - this one will be active for less than a week.

Thank you,
Dennis S. Wish, PE

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Subject: Building and Structure Collapses - Principles of Investigation
and Reporting

Free and open to the public

New York Academy of Sciences
Section of Engineering

Building and Structure Collapses - Principles of Investigation and Reporting
James S. Cohen
James Cohen Consulting, P.C.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001
6:00 PM
2 East 63rd Street
(For more information or to reserve for dinner with the speaker and section
members, contact Henry Moss at 212-838-0230 ext. 410 or hmoss(--nospam--at)

A building collapses, a roof leaks, a wall fails, a floor sags and injuries
or fatalities may occur. An engineering investigation may be requested by
the owner, insurance company, attorney or other concern which may be for any
combination of repair, insurance or litigation interests.  Faced with this
situation, certain principles should be followed to ensure the investigating
engineer maintains a high professional level, both technically and

James Cohen is a professional engineer with over 20 years international
experience, which for the latter half of his career has primarily involved
engineering investigation of  building and tower structure failures and
other post-construction issues. Besides preparation of repair documents as
part of normal design work, this has included providing written and oral
testimony for attorneys, including court, arbitration and mediation
proceedings. Mr. Cohen is additionally among the select few structural
engineers around the country acting as a structural specialist to the
nation's urban search & rescue team network and was the first Partners In
Mitigation fellow to FEMA, sponsored by ASCE and IBHS.