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Re: state-by-state licensure requirements

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Title: state-by-state licensure requirements
NSPE published a document they call a State-by-State Summary and Analysis of Engineering Licensure Laws in 1997.  I don't know if this study has been updated since.  It covers 55 jurisdictions (the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islangds, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands).  I bought a copy back in 1997 (I think it cost a hundred dollars or so) and have found it useful and generally accurate but I'm sure Mr. Stuart has a point in re verification of anything you need to rely on.
Anyway, NSPE's offices in Alexandria, Virgina are at 703-684-2800 and their web site is
Drew Norman, SE
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Subject: RE: state-by-state licensure requirements

Your best bet is to check with NSPE (, however you will have to pay to get a hard copy of their summary.
Be forewarned that their document is a synopsis and not always accurate.  As I am registered in over 40 states I know from experience that you need to verify everything with each every state board.
Matthew Stuart, PE, SE, PEng
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Subject: FW: state-by-state licensure requirements

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Subject: state-by-state licensure requirements

Does anyone know if a summary exists of state-by-state PE and SE licensure maintenance requirements (particularly regarding CEUs/PDHs) for the United States? I've searched a bit on Google and a few other ways but so far have only been able to find links to the individual state requirements.

Thanks in advance,