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RE: construction joint spacing for SOG

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Stan Johnson wrote:

>>With regards to steel fibers in concrete, I have heard a couple of people
mention that they had seen occasions where steel fibers stuck out of the
concrete.  Could this be a wear issue for forklift tires or the skin or
shoes of personel???  I think that two of the applications were shotcrete
with steel fibers and the other was test section of roadway that used cast
concrete with steel fibers.<<

I have seen a slab that had poly fibers in it.  The first impression that I 
had was that the slab was supposed to have had a light broom finish and they 
had used a broom with rotten fibers.  The points that Stan Johnson makes are 
very valid.  In addition, there would be a possible rusting condition and a 
possible tripping condition, which I don't think that any one of us wants to 
be accused of causing.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona