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Public Service Announcements

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I received a number of responses from engineers who feel that it would
helpful to have one site that they could bookmark where seminars, lectures
and other industry news could be published.
Please give me a few days and I will create a site where professionals can
post professional service announcements. This will be moderated, but anyone
will be able to post so that I will not have to devote the time to
participate. It will be located on the Structuralist.Net Professional
Discussion forum which you can access on my web site below.
Please follow the following format in the subject line:

Activity Date (M/D/Y), City of Activity, State Abbreviation, Title of

If you are having a lecture on Proprietary Shear Walls in San Diego on July
15th, you would list the subject as:

07-15-01, San Diego, Proprietary Shearwalls

In the body of the message you can provide the specifics and can use the
Upcoming or Image coding to link the message to a website for further
information or to register to the activity. Follow the help files on the
discussion forum or the information below:


Add the following code in your message using brackets as shown:

[url="http://<the_full_web_address.html>][b][u] A description to use as the
hyperlink [/b][/u][/url]

In the example above the words "A description to use as the hyperlink" would
appear bold and underlined. The reader would be able to click on the line
and this would launch a new page in their Internet browser to the
information. The actual URL address would be hidden to make it easier for
the reader.

NOTE: each command is started with a set of brackets []. [b] will create
bold text while [/b] will end the bold text command. In the above example
[/url] ends the web hyperlink and [u][/u] starts and ends underlined text.

If you are familiar with HTML language you will find it similar.

If you have a great picture or graphic which you want to include in the
post, the picture must be available on the Internet through a URL address.
The code to use is:

[img=" file/<filename>.gif"]

When you save your message, the picture "should" appear. Click on the
UBcodes and it will provide you with the exact string to use.

If you add [center] [/center] to each side of the above [img] link, the
picture will be centered. Just remember to leave a line space so that your
text will be above or below the picture, otherwise the picture will appear
within the text.

Please pass this along to any and all organizations and associations - any
Public service group that intends to hold an event that they wish to
advertise and I will be happy to provide the space where others can bookmark
to find out what is local to them.

Finally, you can use the board search feature to find all activities in the
state and/or city where you live. If the list grows too large, I will create
sub-folders for each state, but hope to avoid this initially.

I hope you will find this useful, please use it responsibly and let those
you believe can benefit from it bookmark the site to post their
announcements. Please - no software or advertising - events only. They will
be removed from the board after the date of the event. If you are planning
multiple events around the country, please do not list more than six months
at a time as there is no way to sort the messages (first come first posted).

Look for the announcement on the Professional page at:

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
AEC-Residential Listservice