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RE: Painting on fireproofed steel

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Two things to keep in mind:

1)  Painting steel will typically make it hard if not impossible for
fireproofing to adhere to the steel.

2)  Although the fireproofing is cement based you cannot count on it to
provide significant  corrosion protection.

You should talk with a manufacturer of fireproofing material to see hou it
can be applied over painted surfaces.

Mark Gilligan
I am designing pipe rack steel structure, which are to be fireproofed by
cement based material (like vermiculite) as 2 hrs rating to UL1709.

And the project spec. calls for applying painting system of primer + 1st
& 2nd coating of epoxy paint + top coating of polyurethane paint to
steel structure.

Here I have a doubt. Shall I apply the same painting system to
fireproofed steel, or just apply only primer to it considering the
contribution of fireproofing material to enhancement of the corrosion
protection ?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice in advance.