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RE: HP Calculator Programming, Feet and Inch Decimal Conversion

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I have a in/feet/metric conversion program for HP 41/42S.  It is rather long
but a good program that I used a lot.  I lost power in the HP42S some time
ago and have not reprogrammed it.

You may be able to use it as written or may have to rewrite in HP28

I can fax you a copy or send a copy via. pdf format.  Let me know your fax
no. if you want it faxed.

Ron Hill, P.E.
HILL Consulting Engineering
Birmingham, Alabama  USA
Phone: 205.823.4784
FAX: 205.823.4145
Email: ronhill(--nospam--at)
Efax: 509.275.8095

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Subject: HP Calculator Programming, Feet and Inch Decimal Conversion

I have an HP-28S calculator.  I would like to be able to input feet and
inches and convert them to decimal feet with as few key strokes as possible.

Does any have any programming for an HP-28S or compatible programming for
said HP to enable feet and inches to be entered in as numbers,  and
automatically converted to decimal feet?