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I guess it depends on how detailed you need the software to be, but many
"general purpose" structural analysis and design programs include tapered member
support. I use VisualAnalysis and VisualDesign, and they include it.

Now, that said, I know that many of the MBMA member companies and the like, have
in-house software that does EVERYTHING from soup to nuts, including ALL the
connection designs, etc. If you need something like that, as you say you may
have to write it yourself or license one of the other companies' (though I have
doubts that do that; why would they want to when they use it for their own
products? Since they're not in the business of licensing software, it might be
more trouble than it was worth to them, and they might even be helping an
upstart competitor.)

> Francisco Diego wrote:
> Hi there,
>     Any ideas or suggestions?