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RE: Reverse Camber (was: RE: Long cracks in

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The cracks did not reduce the shear strength. 

The chicken was based on empirical studies.  A research grant would be
required to evaluate a vegetarian calculation.

Harold O. Sprague

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> "The solution was to cut joints where the cracks could appear that they
> were
> planned, and epoxy inject the random cracks.  The cut (control) joints
> were
> filled with an elastomeric sealer.  The problem was solved."
> Should I assume that these were shallow joints, just superficial, so as
> not
> to reduce the shear strength of the beam?  
> "This involves intense calculations, the killing of a chicken, a full
> moon,
> and a dart board.  (humor intended, no animals were harmed in the
> preparation of this post)"
> No animals were harmed?  Would that calculation really work without the
> chicken?  
> Paul Crocker