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RE: AISC database

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I don't think so. I think Charlie Carters response indicated that the
radius' varies from Mill to Mill and that the AISC survey's the values
(depending on how each Mill rolls the sections) and uses the worst case
values in their analysis for "r sub T". This is to insure accuracy
regardless of the Mill that supplies the steel.
My response to him was to acknowledge something I never knew - that the
radius does change and that each Mill protects the specific values of their
section. I don't see why they do this unless it is to insure the same
strength of section but with the most economical use of materials. This
seems to be the goal of any manufacturer who's cost of materials is based on
the tonnage produced. To roll a larger radius would reduce the amount of
steel in the cross-section and reduce the cost. Possibly this is the means
of competing but I don't see why this is such a protected issue.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

Received private e-mail: The senders name was withheld assuming that was the
reason for sending a private letter. If anyone has a more exact answer than
mine, please provide one for this person.

"Are the r sub T values for S shapes wrong in the latest AISC database.
They are in the database I purchased last March.