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RE: OSHA application?

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OSHA has two safety related section of the Code of Federal Regulations, 29
CFR 1910 ("General Industry") and 29 CRF 1926 ("Construction").  Each
portion has a definition as to limits of applicability (i.e., where they
apply).  I would suggest you take a read at them........ also take a look at
general ingress/egress requirements..... I would have a tendency to think
the 1910 portions would apply........

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Subject: OSHA application?

Does OSHA apply to circular openings for access to rungs in a manhole which
is normally wet? Normal OSHA requirements for openings for access to fixed
ladders would require a minimum 36-inch clear opening (without a "deflector
shield"). But I frequently see manhole details which show circular access
openings less than 36-inches in diameter (e.g. 24" or 30" manhole covers).
Do these openings violate OSHA or does OSHA not apply here? (If not, what
"code or regulation" does apply?) 

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