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Re: ANSI A58.1-1972

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The UBC wind provisions are a simplified version developed from the ANSI
A58.1-1972 (and 1982) wind provisions.  The ANSI provisions are the wind
provisions found in the ASCE 7 "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other
Structures" codes prior to the 7-95 revisions.  There were some other minor
changes in ASCE 7-88, but prior to this any version of the ASCE 7 code you
can find will be equivalent to what you are looking for.

Paul Feather

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Subject: ANSI A58.1-1972

> I'm looking at the design drawings for an existing 75,000 sf metal
> building, erected in 1983.  The structural notes say it was designed for
> wind loading per ANSI A58.1-1972.  I need to compare the wind loads
> calculated under ANSI A58.1-1972 with the wind loads calculated under
> the 1997 UBC.  Can anyone suggest where I might obtain a copy of the
> wind load provisions of ANSI A58.1-1972 ?
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.....
> Monty Hart
> Associated Design Consultants, Inc.
> Anchorage, Alaska