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Francisco Diego wrote asking about software to design and/or analyze tapered member rigid frames.  The book "Design of Single Story Rigid Frames" by Lee, et. al. has Fortran code in it that would allow one to determine the Axial loads and Shear, and Moment diagrams for a specific load combination.  from this you could find the stresses. or use the AISC Tapered Member Design Check Method.  All of this would be very labor intensive.  STAAD will check an existing design and RISA says it will "design" tapered members as well as check the design.  I haven't actually seen this software at work.  If you find a relatively inexpensive program that designs and checks designs I would like to know about it.  The "Design of Single Story Rigid Frames" should be available from the MBMA in copied format.
Jim Hannah
I previously wrote:
"If you are looking for another book try, "Design of Single Story Rigid
Frames", by George Lee, Robert L. Ketter, & T. L. Hsu. 1981, pub. by the
Metal Building Manufacturers Association, 1300 Sumner Avenue, Cleveland, Oh
44115, 216 241-7333

This is the only book, which I have found, that goes into any depth on the
design of tapered columns and beams.  These authors are the ones that did
the research cited in the AISC Manual.

Lincoln Electric also has a book, "Design of Welded Structures" by Blodgett,
Which also covers the topic in one chapter.  (I hope title and spelling are

If anybody else has any other suggestion on tapered members I would love to
hear them.

Jim Hannah"

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Hi there,
    Does anyone know what happened with DSI COMPuFRAME from Data Syntax, Inc.?  I am looking for a program like this that analizes and designs rigid frames with tapered members for metal buildings. I have contacted MBMA and they told me to contact its members. I have several general purpose structural programs but I was wondering of something else exists (like COMPuFRAME). I found PrecisionPlus from Loseke Technologies and MBS from Metal Building Software but are too expensive for me. I was even told that some companies develop their own software and might be willing to sell a licence of it.
    Any ideas or suggestions?