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Re: Removal of the AISC Database

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Structuralist wrote:
> What I see as
> happening is that the professional organizations have identified a source of
> income by making information available at a price over the Internet -
> especially information that at one time was sold only to compensate for the
> cost of publication and mailing.

BTW, if you want to cite an example of outrageously CONFISCATORY pricing of one
such "intellectual property" that we have occasion to use, I refer you to ASTM.

What an unearthly expensive cost just to reference information that is supposed
to be the "industry standard" way of doing things!

After all, the ASTM specs are supposed to be the benchmark for practically every
basic manufacturing process (or tests attendant thereto) in the world! This
stuff is HARDLY "proprietary"; for example the "in-house" information regarding
the precise dimensions of hot-rolled structural steel shapes, and tolerances
thereof, are contained (if memory serves) in ASTM A6.

Even though the various mills have their own "secret formulae", I don't believe
I'm amiss by saying that they MUST fall within the tolerances described in
"Annex 2" of ASTM A6.

Sorry, I can't provide any more definitive information--I'm unwilling to pay the
--> $50.00 <-- that ASTM charges to DOWNLOAD A PDF FILE containing ONLY the A6