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RE: Bar Joists

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According to a 1930 Steel Joist Institute table, a SJ102 could carry 214 plf
at 14'-0".  The maximum end reaction was 1900 # and the resisting moment was
63000 inch-pounds.

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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Subject:	Bar Joists

Good Morning All

 I have a building built in 1936 concrete columns and beams supporting
bar joists with a 2 " concrete slab and flooring.  The existing plans
show S.J.. 102 at 23 1/2" o.c.  spanning 14'-0".  Can anyone give me any
information on these?  I have not gone to look at them but I plan too in
the near future.  Based on my experience with joists (fairly limited)
these are 10" deep joists and the 2 stands for the chord sizes (am I
correct in this)?