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Re: HSS vs. TS Properties For Design (WAS: Re: Copyright Infringement)

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"David I. Ruby, P.E." wrote:
> Davis, LRFD is only the ASD with mystic factors. What benefit to the
> industry? the profession? The load is increased by 1.4 or more, the results
> are then factored down, Actually the  original LRFD factors were developed
> to insure the same results as ASD; in order that the method would be
> accepted more readily.

Here we go again...

Speaking for myself, LRFD is much more than just razzmatazz.

For one thing, it just makes more sense. Also, the continuing inquiry into steel
structure behavior has been done in the research with LRFD in mind, so that's
the way this information is disseminated. When I use the LRFD code, I am using
what is "state of the art" as far as practicable given the cautious vagaries of
the code adoption process.

Finally, for me the best thing is that the load combinations are spelled out
plainly and make perfect sense.

I used to use a TI calculator, but got tired of the fact that they broke every
time I turned around. So I finally bought an HP many years ago, and started
using it. It wasn't that difficult. Hey, it did the "same thing" as my TI, but
it made more sense.

I used ASD for years. I just picked up LRFD and started using it. It wasn't that
difficult. Hey, it does the same thing as the old ASD spec, but it makes more