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Re: Anchor Bolt Embedment & Uplift Force

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That method is sorta "out of date" now. The Portland Cement Association has
published "Strength Design of Anchorage to Concrete" by Ronald A. Cook (Their
catalog number is EB080.01). It can be ordered from their website at

I would recommend this book. It essentially reveals the requirements for design
of embedded anchorages that wasn't QUITE ready in time for ACI 318-99, but will
be added (as Appendix D) to the very next edition of ACI 318, whenever that will
be (aught-two?)

Let me say, also, that "formulas" for calculating such embedment forces are not
so difficult, but "depths" are not a simple matter, and Mike Maurigi's request
seems to indicate he hasn't looked at this topic for a very long time.

Just as a personal observation, I try to keep up to date with the knowledge base
on this sorts of things as much as possible. Using a method from twenty years
ago may not be the best thing to do (although it MIGHT be the more conservative)
in light of continuing inquiry into these topics.

"David I. Ruby, P.E." wrote:
> Mike, Another source is the AISC Engineering Journal Second Quarter 1983.
> Article by John Shipp and Edward Haninger entitled " Design of Headed Anchor
> Bolts"