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Re: Bar Joists

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An SJ102 was 10" deep, A resisting moment of 63,000 in-lb, maximum end
reaction of 1,900 lb and for a 14ft span had a total allowable safe load of
214 plf. This joist had a #2 chord size.

If the joists are composed of hot rolled sections, they are probably A7

Also, when you look at them in the field, do be surprised if they look
different from today's joists.  Some of the older joists use crimped top and
bottom chords with round or strip webs.

Michael Zaitz wrote:

> Good Morning All
>  I have a building built in 1936 concrete columns and beams supporting
> bar joists with a 2 " concrete slab and flooring.  The existing plans
> show S.J.. 102 at 23 1/2" o.c.  spanning 14'-0".  Can anyone give me any
> information on these?  I have not gone to look at them but I plan too in
> the near future.  Based on my experience with joists (fairly limited)
> these are 10" deep joists and the 2 stands for the chord sizes (am I
> correct in this)?
> Thanks,
> Mike