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Re: HSS vs. TS Properties For Design (WAS: Re: Copyright Infringement)

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Scott Maxwell wrote:
> My main point was that the "new" values are not LRFD values.

That was not my point, but rather that the new design specifications
accompanying that data was LRFD only. And although I admit to being less than
expert in design of tube sections, or HSS as they're now called, I got the
distinct impression that there were provisions in those specifications that were
rather unique, and really don't have analogs in the old AISC-ASD spec.

If I'm incorrect in this regard, please correct me, anybody.

> But, definitely keep up the good fight for LRFD (but don't forget to duck and
> cover every once and awhile to avoid the wrath of the old ASD guard...I am
> still kind of in that camp <grin>).

You're KIDDING!!! You mean I'm actually in the MINORITY in this regard!?!?

Oh, one kinda interesting anecdote: At my last "real" job I had a couple of
youngsters working for me, one right out of grad school and the other two years
out of grad school. I noticed they had their AISC "Silver" manuals out on their
desks one day while doing a design analysis of an existing structure I had given

I mentioned that the particular client, a state department of transportation,
would insist that we use ASD on the structure, they sort of gaped at me.

The young lady of the two, who had actually been working for a couple of years,
said "but NOBODY uses ASD anymore!" The young man, who was only just out of his
Master's program, simply nodded.

The young lady had been employed previously at a large structural engineering
consulting firm here in Houston whose name you would immediately recognize. At
this firm, they apparently use nothing but LRFD (probably have some old ASD
codgers stuck under the stairwells somewhere for emergency, I guess). So between
grad school and a limited stint in the "real world", these kids were under the
impression that LRFD was the ONLY game in town. I was singularly unable to
convince them otherwise.