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Re: Copyright Infringement

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While I could be wrong, I believe the only group on that list that could
considered to be funded directly thru taxation (at least income/goverment
"taxes") is FEMA.  ICBO, UBC, BOCA, and SBCCI are funded through
membership dues and publication least to the best of my
knowledge.  Those organization MAY get from benefit from tax dollars in
the way of knowledge that is obatined from research that is funded by the

Just a side note...


On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, JCohen wrote:

> This has been an interesting discussion, but why has it been limited to
> AISC? AISI, CRSI, ACI, ASCE, ASTM, AASHTO not to mention, of course, groups
> more directly funded through taxation, such as ICBO, UBC, BOCA, SBCCI. The
> list goes on and on...
> It seems much more to the credit of AISC that they have been willing to
> engage in this discussion. How about the representatives of the other
> organizations, all of whom, I am sure, monitor this list?
> FEMA stands out as one organization who produce useful documents (at some
> significant cost to their organization) and distribute them gratis to the
> community which they serve so well.
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