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Re: HSS vs. TS Properties For Design (WAS: Re: Copyright Infringement)

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You are correct.  The HSS specs in the HSS manual are LRFD only.  And they
do contain provisions that are not contained in the ASD specs, thus making
the ASD specs outdated for use with tubes/HSS.  In addition, as Charlie
(and some others, I believe) has pointed out, there are provisions in the
current (and forthcoming) LRFD spec that are not addressed in the ASD
spec.  Therefore, if the ASD spec were "brought up to date", it would look
drastically different than the one we all know and love, which could
eliminate a lot of the grumbling about LRFD from us ASD die hards (while I
don't grumble about LRFD, I am currently still an ASD die hards...but I
plan to "reform" when the 3rd edition is released).


On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Bill Polhemus wrote:

> That was not my point, but rather that the new design specifications
> accompanying that data was LRFD only. And although I admit to being less than
> expert in design of tube sections, or HSS as they're now called, I got the
> distinct impression that there were provisions in those specifications that were
> rather unique, and really don't have analogs in the old AISC-ASD spec.
> If I'm incorrect in this regard, please correct me, anybody.