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RE: Suggestions for Engineering Database?

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Check out BillQuick by BQE Software (this is our own Shafat Qazi the Sysop
of the SEAINT List). BillQuick is a time management software that includes
billing and invoicing as well as tracking of employees hours by tasks. The
software will also export data for use in traditional accounting programs.

It is written by engineers who understand what is needed in our industry.
While it may be a bit of overkill for the small independent used to a simple
billing program (although they have a free limited version for such a small
office) the scope of benefits within BillQuick are very extensive.

I do admit that I have a small interest in BillQuick as I wrote their
original manual and traded for some stock, but I do honestly feel it is a
very good program and I use it.

Go to their website at to download a 30 day trial version. I
think you will like the features.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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Subject: Suggestions for Engineering Database?

Hello all,

Got a quick non-project question for everyone out there at companies
of similar size.  We've currently got 10 full-time staff.

Does anyone recommend a specific program or database for keeping
track of engineering time for projects?  Something flexible enough to
incorporate invoicing, a client database, etc?

Any feedback is great, as success so far has been very limited.

Cheers, everyone have a good weekend.

Dave H

Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Limited