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Re: Suggestions for Engineering Database?

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I've used the Harper Schumann project control and accounting system for
20+ years and would recommend you look at that. They were purchased by
Deltek and the present software for A & E's is called Advantage. You can
check it out at (I think that's it)

Barry H. Welliver

Dave Hunt wrote:

> Hello all,
> Got a quick non-project question for everyone out there at companies
> of similar size.  We've currently got 10 full-time staff.
> Does anyone recommend a specific program or database for keeping
> track of engineering time for projects?  Something flexible enough to
> incorporate invoicing, a client database, etc?
> Any feedback is great, as success so far has been very limited.
> Cheers, everyone have a good weekend.
> Dave H
> Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Limited