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Re: HSS vs. TS Properties For Design (WAS: Re: Copyright Infringement)

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"Lanny J. Flynn" wrote:
> It will be very reasonably priced for the value provided.

I understand what you are saying, Lanny, and LET ME BE THE FIRST TO SAY THAT I
BELIEVE FERVENTLY IN THE RIGHT OF AISC to charge what the market will bear.

Let me add, however, that there are quite a few small or even sole
proprietorship firms represented here, and the US$200 or so that AISC charges
for the manual set is a major expense. Alone, of course, it would not be a "big
deal". But I myself, a one-man firm, easily spent nearly US$5,000 last year for
reference books and software. True, I was something of a "start up" last year,
but I already had (or so I thought) almost everything that I needed. But by the
time I bought my software, the NDS for wood, new ASCE 7-98, 1997 UBC, 1999
SBCCI, 1997 BOCA, AASHTO Bridge Specification, and a myriad of other reference
works besides, the bill mounted quickly.

It's like homework when I was in college. Each professor would give an amount of
homework to be turned in next class period. Each gave that homework based on an
assumption that THEIRS was the only class you had to worry about. By itself, it
was reasonable and even quite necessary in order to learn the material. You
could not possibly fault the professor for assigning it (well, most of the time

But you GROANED under the weight of it nevertheless!

The AISC manuals are ESSENTIAL. They represent the summum bonum of knowledge
that we have to have to design steel structures. They are packed with
information, well-presented and comprehensive, to allow us to do that.

But cheap they are not.

I know this is apropos of nothing, since you all will charge what you will
charge. I just wanted you to understand why it is that you hear murmurs of this
kind from time to time.