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Re: Copyright Infringement

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Then ICBO, BOCA, etc. could be considered to be _indirectly_ funded
through taxes.

You had implied that they were directly funded, and since I can be
"difficult" and a "nit pick", I just had to say something. <grin>  Just
another one of those personal "flaws" that I am working on! <grin>


On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, JCohen wrote:

> I absolutely agree that FEMA is the only directly funded organization on
> that list through taxation. USACE would also fall into that category (as
> would a host of others). But who pays the salaries and, perhaps, membership
> fees, for the bulk of the members of ICBO, etc., and may/may not even pay
> for time at meetings and other "voluntary" activities?
> James Cohen
> James Cohen Consulting, P.C.
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> > While I could be wrong, I believe the only group on that list that could
> > considered to be funded directly thru taxation (at least income/government
> > "taxes") is FEMA.  ICBO, UBC, BOCA, and SBCCI are funded through
> > membership dues and publication least to the best of my
> > knowledge.  Those organization MAY get from benefit from tax dollars in
> > the way of knowledge that is obtained from research that is funded by the
> > government.
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> > Just a side note...
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> > Scott
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