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QUERY: Wind Load Effects For Small Building Set-Back (ASCE 7-98)

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Here's another question to file under the "Gee I Should Know This But..."

When you have a small building setback breaking up the line a long, otherwise
continuous wall in a small building, how do you safely account for the effects
that always arise when you have a discontinuity?

Up until now, this situation has invariably come up such that I felt justified
in putting a "drag strut" at that point, and calling it a shear-resistant point
in the structure.

But I have one now that just won't let me justify that expense (as well as the
time consumption).

The "jog" is only a few feet, less than 10% of the smaller building depth
(perpendicular to the wall line under consideration).

I am tempted to just calculate the diaphragm shear due to wind there, and check
to make sure the diaphragm has no problem (I'm sure it won't). But I need some
hand-holding. Is there something I'm failing to take into consideration?

Thanks in advance.