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RE: Question on wood Roof Trusses

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What is it all about
I worked as Structural Programmer for Robbins. Their software is not bad

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OK, OK, Dennis - I will weigh in on this one!  I was one of the guys that
got a long email from Dennis saying that I should respond to the list
server, not directly to him.

The Alpine truss software has a very long and illustrious history to it -
but the folks at Alpine deserve the credit for this work, not Keymark.

Keymark has a long standing relationship as a software supplier for Eagle
Metal Products, based out of Mabank Texas.  Eagle supplies connectors for
metal plate connected wood trusses.  We also support Cherokee Metal Products
out of Morristown, Tennessee for the same thing.  Furthermore, users of our
KeyBuild(tm) three dimensional modeling system can export wood truss
information to the Alpine wood truss software.  Actually, we can export data
to many of the available wood truss design packages.

Dennis, keep stirring the pot! I appreciate the insights that you regularly
bring to the table.

Brad Cameron, P.E.
Keymark Enterprises. Inc.
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