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RE: Antenna Mounting Systems

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If you are required to secure to the building frame without drilling or
welding try Lindapter NA. They have a range of fastening devices for just
such an application. One of their projects for this type of work was for AT
& T. You can reach them on 888 724 2323. Alternatively look at their web

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> Hello everyone:
> I have been a long time reader of your e-mails but this is my first time
> writing.  I am having trouble finding resources to help me in this project
> and thought maybe you would have some suggestions on where to find such
> information.
> I have an existing building where the owner would like to mount 2
> satellite dishes  and a 30' tower on top of the roof.  My job is to find a
> feasible way to do this.  I have the technical report from the
> manufacturer.  Where could I find some background information on roof
> mounting systems just to get some different ideas on how this might be
> done?
> Thank You,
> Angela Baughman, EIT
> Central Wisconsin Engineers