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RE: Antenna Mounting Systems

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One way that I have seen of doing this (if the roof is not adequate for the added loads) , particularly in wood or steel buildings, is to extend a few columns above the roof and add new beams spanning between the column extensions. The new equiptment then bears on the new beams. The existing portion of the column would have to be checked and perhaps upgraded. With this procedure the ceiling or roof do not need to be substantially disturbed to upgrade beams. The roofing would only be disturbed at the locations of column extensions. In the cases were I have seen this done, satelite dishes were supported. For each dish, at least 3 beams were added so that in plan a triangle is formed. This would appear to be for resisting any lateral loads. A frame transfers the shear from the added element to the building.

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Subject: Antenna Mounting Systems

Hello everyone:
I have been a long time reader of your e-mails but this is my first time writing.  I am having trouble finding resources to help me in this project and thought maybe you would have some suggestions on where to find such information.
I have an existing building where the owner would like to mount 2 satellite dishes  and a 30' tower on top of the roof.  My job is to find a feasible way to do this.  I have the technical report from the manufacturer.  Where could I find some background information on roof mounting systems just to get some different ideas on how this might be done?
Thank You,
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